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Shaku residents welcome arrest of "gangster mayor" Zandile Gumead

Mayor of Saldale Gumead leaves Durban. Gummeda is charged with corruption and money laundering. Photo of the file: Doctor Ngcobo / African Information Agency (ANA).

DURBAN – The movement of the inhabitants of the genealogy at the base of AbaliliMyondolo said on Wednesday he welcomed the arrest of the mayor of the municipality of Etkinni Zadile Gumead.

"We welcome the arrest of Durban's gangster mayor for corruption and money laundering.We have not been surprised by the arrest of counselor Zandile Gumead, the mayor of eThekwini." Durban's corruption became so bold and backed by such boldness that ultimately the state must "says the founder and president of Abahlali Sik-bu Zikode.

Gumead, along with the municipal councilor of eThekwini and a businessman, surrendered to the police Tuesday morning.

The trio appeared at the Durban Commercial Court for a number of charges involving fraud, corruption and racketeering in connection with a Durban solid waste auction.

They were released on bail of 50,000 rupees and will appear again in August along with several other indictees who were arrested two weeks ago for their alleged role in the same crime.

"Like many gangster politicians, when her arrest finally came, it was hidden from the public and the media, and she and the other accused were reported to be able to surrender to the police. uses the Rear Door to enter the courtroom to escape media attention.

He said that when the poor – like the members of Aballoi – spoke of looting of state resources, they faced "threats of death, arrests, assaults, torture and murder."

The African National Congress (ANC) "made it clear to Aballoi that while the ruling party remains, only ANC members will receive services and houses," said Zicode.

Abahlali has 55,000 members in Kwazulu-Natal and is known to have a frosty connection with Gumede.

Zikod called her before the "Mayor of lies" and accused her of making promises of dwellers but not doing them. It is known that the group protests – often forcibly – for basic services in and around the Durban area.

Zicode said part of the money that Gumed is accused of "laundering" is intended to provide water and sanitation to the settlements in the city.

"We struggle for access to services in our professions and settlements for many years, when our struggles are successful and the money is distributed to the poor, politicians shamelessly steal it for themselves, they benefit from our sufferings and our struggles. in the province and at national level have been repeatedly informed about it, but for years they have been silent and defensive, "Zikode said.

African Information Agency (ANA)

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