Sunday , June 13 2021

Simon Cowell literally just sacked all the judges in America

Oh, well then.

So it looks like America's Got Talent is set for a serious shake.

According to reports, Simon Cowell has fired three of the judges in the show, Mel B, Heidi Klum, and host Tiray Banks.

Haime and Mandel are the only judges left (interesting, but we will not say more).

According to diversityThe new judges are Julian Haw and Gabriel Union.

Two ladies, in honesty.

simon cowell

It's amazing that the show has a new host! Fairy Terry Krue will be the new host of the NBC race.

Meridith Ahr, president of Alternative and Reality at NBC Entertainment, said about diversity:

"One of the many secrets of America's Got Talent's success and longevity is her fearless drive to rediscover herself."

"The next evolution of form attracts new expert eyes to join Simon and Howie on the panel."

– Gabriel and Julian are two of the most wanted women in the business, along with electric artists with talent in different disciplines.

"I'm excited to see their knowledge, compassion, and pure joy enhance the experience of acts and viewers." Terry Krues, as their partner in crime, will continue to illuminate the scene with his quick mind and endless charm.

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