Wednesday , June 16 2021

Sony introduces a system for turning traditional watches into smart

Sony revealed a new smartwatch that allows users to attach any of their existing faces to the smart watch clock to add digital features such as fitness tracking and notifications.

The new Wena of the company, which means "naturally wear electronics" – technology for watching watches, such as contactless payments, fitness tracking and other hardware to connect to a phone in the clock instead of a face.

The technology giant says this allows consumers to choose one of their interchangeable traditional viewers and still have access to the same features that are found in modern smart watches.

Sony says this means that consumers can add smart capabilities to any clock in their collection that uses a 18, 20 or 22 mm ear, the difference that the watch band fits.

The system was created by the Sony Teppei Tsushima employee as part of the Seed Acceleration program, which encourages employees to offer and create new product ideas.

Instead of displaying fitness tracking and clock notification information, the Wena system has a small display with one or two lines of the digital information strap dividing the digital aspects of the device from the analogue.

In contrast, most of the current smart watches or wearing apparel have digital touch screens that mimic the interactions consumers have with their mobile phone.

GPS, pulse

At the Wena Wrist Active fixed version, users can wear a non-faceted strap instead of using it as a fitness band, Sony says.

The Active version comes with GPS tracking and heart rate sensors that help monitor the exercise.

Tsushima said he started working on the design after realizing that while he likes to wear a fitness tracker, he also likes his traditional watch and wants to continue to wear it.

The new watch can now be pre-ordered, starting at £ 349 (around R6 200).

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