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Sony Wena Wrist Pro and active hand straps for review

Montblanc, Cartier, Tag Heuer … Sony? Not quite – despite the collision with expensive watches with the smart ones Fes Watch USony has never claimed to be a luxury watch maker, so far – is it.

The grandfather of Japanese technology has successfully turned its product into a collection of intelligent straps and watches called Wena.

Bands are a great idea – they complement clocks to add intelligent functionality, including mobile payments. Starting in two variants – Wena Wrist Pro and Wena Wrist Active, Pro is all about the style and Active is all about sensors.

If you want a full package – intelligent tape and a suitable watch – Sony has introduced a set of clocks (the actual clock) designed to complement the bands perfectly.

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Sony Wena Date & Price Strap

The new Wena Wrist range is available for pre-order in the United Kingdom on February 13th. The active strap is priced at £ 349, and Pro's strap is priced at £ 399, while the watch's price is £ 100 to £ 400.

We have not yet had prices or availability for the United States or Australia, but look this space and we will update this practically when we have more information.

Go Pro

A more expensive Pro version may seem fantastic, but its functionality is limited to notifications, counting steps, and non-contact payments. This will definitely not compete with functionality like Apple Watch 4 or Samsung Galaxy Watch.

What's more, Pro also lags behind the functionality of the cheaper Wena Active.

Available in both silver and black, with a 20-meter strap attached to 18, 20 and 22mm accessories, and Active, two-line OLEDs offer a two-line tear to typical text that shows a range of information in dependence on the Wena model.

Pro's design definitely looks in part, feeling like a premium, as its high cost suggests it should. Anyone who wants to supplement their luxury watch can only be the ticket.

We suppose luxury watch users are the market Sony has been looking for with the higher Wena Wrist – it's definitely too expensive for ordinary consumers without having the functionality to make technological enthusiasts lose.

Active and flexible

Despite the lower cost, Wena Active is more full-featured than the two bands, packing both a GPS and a pulse monitor, displaying the display pulse and GPS data for the Android and iOS app,

Like Pro, the Active Group is 20 mm wide and comes with all the same plug-ins. Unique to Active is the "quick release system" so you can remove your head during intense workouts or for comfort while you sleep, using it exclusively as a fitness trainer.

The strap is of course more bulky and has a more durable design than Wena Wrist Pro, because it is waterproof. There is also a rubber lining, but despite the little extra weight, it still feels good, just like a watch strap when it's up to you.

Sony has done a great job to ensure that neither Pro nor Active are unpleasant additions to wearing the watch, and when the factor affects the fact that the active can work completely independently of the clock as a stand alone fitness trainer, its functionality is pretty cool .

Everything else Wena

The watches that run alongside both bands vary in price from 100 to 400 pounds and look beautiful in the flesh as you can see from the image below.

From simple three-handed styles to chronograph faces, Sony has not been too adventurous with the design, making it a nice and affordable range – at least stylistically.

As for the application, you can expect compatibility with iOS and Android, and the user interface is incredibly easy to attract your head with attractive visual illustrations of activity, sleep and pulse data captured on Wena's wrists.

Early sentence

If the Wena Wrist Series is more affordable, it could have a mass appeal. If there was full functionality of the Apple Watch 4 – Sony could push more and really join the luxury market.

In its present form, it feels like some inbetweener – but look at this space, we will give you our declaratory verdict WENA we get one for review.

Image Credit: TechRadar

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