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South African Internet Service Providers are ranked from best to worst


MyBroadband released its ISP Satisfaction Ratings from July 2019, which show that Supersonic and Cybersmart are the highest rated ISPs in South Africa.

IBroadband's satisfaction ratings with ISP are based on reviews from over 10,000 South African broadband users between July 1, 2019 and July 31, 2019.

This feedback is collected through Android on MyBroadband and iOS speed testing apps and apps web based speed testing platform,

These platforms give consumers the opportunity to evaluate their ISP after conducting a speed test.

These estimates are then aggregated to calculate the average score for the service provider and to rank the service providers from best to worst.

MyBroadband July 2019 ISP ratings

The table below provides an overview of the ratings of prominent fiber service providers, ADSL and fixed LTE in South Africa.

South African ISP charts
ISP Rating (/ 5)
supersonic 4.74
Cybersmart 4.65
Home connection 4.00
Cool ideas 3.99
voice 3.83
Level-7 3.76
Seacom 3.71
Axxess 3.69
RSAWeb 3.68
Afrihost Fiber 3.68
Fluid telecom 3.61
Bitco 3.57
Afrihost 3.46
Box C. 3.29
MTN SA 3.26
Rain 3.17
Vodacom 3.15
Webafrica 3.07
WIRUlink 2.98
Internet solutions 2.58
MWEB 2.22
Telcom 2.12

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