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Soweto to become the first city district to get the fiber – The Citizen

At a special event marking the 50th anniversary of World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD) at Orlando High School in Soweto, communications by the Telkom Mooketsi Mochumi Executive Group announced that Soweto would become the first South African city to connects optical cables to homes and businesses. ,

"This is in line with our goal of linking people better to a better life, and we think fiber is the next thing that will make the business in Soweto connect much better and open them up for greater opportunities "said Neuchi in an interview with the eNCA,

"We are now in the information economy and so we can do this, you need reliable connectivity and fiber is the most reliable and fastest connectivity you can get right now. We thought it was important for urban areas to get this connectivity, the type of connectivity that you can not only get in the suburbs, but we connect the rest of the country, "he added.

The school, which has a rich political history dating back to the liberation struggle, earlier today has received an optical link as part of the WTISD celebrations.

"The Internet will be a tool for us as students from the city. The environment of teaching and learning will change dramatically [it] will open us a whole new world. We will not be out of the world when the world turns to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, "high student student Tato Maharitsi said on Friday morning.

According to the government's news agency, Telkom's general manager, Sandley Masoque, also attended and said the fiber link to the school marks the beginning of wider investments in 26,000 rated schools in South Africa. He considers the introduction of fiber-internet as a catalyst for economic development and education.

"Our goal is to ensure that many South Africans are connected with quality and fast internet. With more people connected to them, the less it will cost the data, "Maceco said.

Telkom examines his partnership with the government to deploy the fiber network to public places such as schools, hospitals, and police stations so they can get a zero-cost connection.

With the right technology, Maseca said, this optical link can contribute to many other sectors and contribute to reviving the economy of the city.

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