Tuesday , June 22 2021

# StateCaptureInquiry: Vytjie Mentor insists that the records are forged

Had it been decided that Vytjie Mentor's evidence before the State Investigation Commission was inadmissible, what would be the answer?

This was the question the chairman of the commission, the deputy court chairman Raymond Zondo, asked Mentor on Tuesday.

"One of the things that somebody might say is SAA records and you have problems, internal affairs have been set up and you've had problems with them.

– Someone can say that you have [an] A question with all records and therefore I do not have to accept your version of events, what would you say about it? "Asked Zondo.

In response, Mentor assumed that the records were likely to have been tampered with.

It's been a long time since I became public for the capture of the state. Long time has elapsed before this committee can even see the light of the day.

"It is possible that this period of time allows people to intervene in the archives," she says.

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She also called for a court investigation into the registers, but Zondo did not comment on her request.

The question of Zondo arises from the fact that the Mentor has challenged the recordings of the Lacedae Chauda during the cross-examination.

Chounda was chief of staff and speaker at the presidency of Jacob Zuma.

She claims that she called Sunday night before traveling to Johannesburg from Cape Town in 2010 to organize her meeting with Zuma. From the meeting, she was transported to Gupta's home in Saxonwold, where she was supposed to have received a ministerial position.

Lawyer Henry Cowley, who represents the Chamber, stressed that the October 2010 mobile phone records did not show any communication with any of Mentor's numbers.

"How does the House have its records when the cell phone provider only maintains its 5-year communication.

"I can not confirm the authenticity of these records because they are not from the service provider, but from the Chamber itself," Mentor said.

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The mentor claims to have communicated with Chunda this Sunday night.

"I'm sure Miss Kunda was talking to me tonight," she insisted.

The records of the Cabin are not the only ones she faces. Earlier on Tuesday, she asked for an independent expert to be submitted to examine the SAA and the Ministry of Interior protocols.

But Zondo explained: "I do not know why we need someone else to testify on the SAA records because we are looking at the SAA records."

The mentor's testimony ended on Tuesday afternoon.

She thanked the committee for her work.

"I want to thank the chairman for giving me the opportunity to play for the arrest of the state, as long as I'm bitter about the way I felt questioned, I think this is a very good process and I want to encourage the South Africans to move forward," she said.

The committee is expected to resume on Thursday with the testimony of former Ank member Denise Bloom.

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