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Super Smash Bros. Director discusses the character of the process and development


With 74 characters, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is arranged and the creator of the series Masahiro Sakurai has recently talked to Game Informer about how each of them has been chosen and developed.

Sakurai, who said "this is a miracle," every time Nintendo created a new Smash Bros. game, wanted to realize the dream to include all the previous fighters. His team did this and then some, adding 11 new heroes to previously used 63. But even that did not satisfy every Smash fan.

"There will be people who may feel disappointed if the fighters who appeared in the previous title are not included," Sakurai said. "I did not want any players to feel that way, so we worked very hard to make it possible.

"But what I have learned is that no matter how much we do, no matter how many fighters we have, there will always be people who feel that way."

Continuing, Sakurae explained that the team selected all the characters that will appear in each Smash game just in the beginning of the development. No character is added or removed afterwards.

This may seem odd, considering that Pokemon Incineroar is not even created until Ultimate develops, but Sakurai plans this and deliberately leaves an open slot on the Pokemon list – knowing that Nintendo is working on a new game.

When choosing the characters, Sakurai weighs the need to balance the list against what fans are voting in Nintendo's Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot. Then it's a question of how to make these characters and their stages feel real.

"You may not expect, but just the reproduction of the original work is not going right," Sakurai said. "By emphasizing exaggerations, we are able to create elements in a way that something realistic and comical does not seem embarrassing."

"And enough knowledge is needed for each character, and there are times when staff go deep into the original work and add even better elements."

Sakurai said he felt "silent" after seeing the fans' reaction to Ultimate's hero, but his goal was not to surprise the fans. Piranha Plant, however, came as a surprise turn, but Sakurai chose him not as a wow factor.

"Instead, I think it is important to have a good balance as a game." In the previous titles of the series, Mr. Game & Watch, ROB and Duck Hunt Dog were some of the examples we offered beyond the usual expectations of people, "he explains . "But if we do not have such fighters and we have only the typical" hero / heroine "fighters, there is not much difference.

Japanese fans may soon be caught version amiibo of Piranha Plant and 62 other Ultimate characters in one set. Before the Smash Bros. Ultimate, all fans can read the World of Light story.

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