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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Gallery of God of War is impressive

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You may have noticed that we talked in the past about the work of Rafa Grisetti, who served as art director of the incredible last year God of War revival for PlayStation 4. If not, well, you might want to look at your Instagram page.

Because recently Grassetti began to produce sophisticated works based on heroes from Super Brosh including a favorite such as Diddy Kong and Ridley. But it offers a surreal, realistic touch to every character that makes them stand out like never before.

We presented his work in the past, but we created a gallery of his work from Instagram here to check. And, yes, it's amazingly cool whether you are a fan of Nintendo or God of WarCheck them below!

And do not forget to play God of War for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro!

slide 1 from 11Diddy Kong

First, this is the spectacular behavior of Diddy Kong, which features a photorealistic swallowing of a young monkey, but with the Nintendo hat and shirt.

slide 2 from 11Ridley

Following is Ridley, Samos' s fiery winged opponent Metroid series. The awesome detail here is phenomenal, especially when it comes to Ridley's face.

slide 3 from 11Pikachu

While some people may not be ready for a real Pichau's reception (like a few people who were scared by Detective Picasso Grassetti offers a great portrait of the hero as happy as he can.

slide 4 from 11King K. Rul

Okay, this is the winner. Putting a real crocodile in the picture and showing it to victory along with a crown and a nose is phenomenal. We want to put this on our cell phones as a wallpaper, that's good.

slide 5 from 11Mega man

This portrait may take some habits, probably because of his deep blue eyes. But this about Mega Man is not bad and Mega Buster looks amazing here.

slide 6 from 11Mewtwo

Just for you Pokemon fans, here is Mewtwo, which looks pretty good in real shape, with forces generated in his hand, and a long dangerous tail that complements his hair body. Not bad, Rafa!

slide 7 from 11The Hedgehog Sonic

While many of us are waiting to see what The Hedgehog Sonic looks like in his action game of the name of the game, Grassetti has a unique behavior though … the skin still throws us a little. Still, at least the shoes are not bad!

slide 8 from 11Bowser

Oh, man, this bothered behavior is scary. If the shell is not enough to send creeps on the spine, how about this person? And this monk? And these nails ?!

slide 9 from 11Fox Maclud

Okay, this heroic move Star FoxThe main character is great. It looks great with its front set and with this optical part, but the jacket and gloves really sell the whole suit. We'd love to try this with a cosplay ever.

slide 10 from 11Link (Legend of Zelda)

We're not sure if it's something with the eyes or the hair, but this connection looks a bit different from the one we're used to in the games. As stated above, Master Sword looks excellent and clothing is in place, so glory, Rafa!

slide 11 from 11Samus Aran (Metroid)

This take for Metroid is quite amazing, as the armor looks just right; and this tool is as realistic as you can get. Now, if we can just get this model Metroid Prime 4 …

We will provide you with more information about them Smash Bros. drawings as we get them!

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