Sunday , June 20 2021

Survived Cancer Gets £ 150,000 to "Pay NHS Back"

Surviving cancer has collected more than 150,000 pounds sterling to "bring back to the NHS" for the bone marrow transplant that saved life.

20-year-old Andrew Davis is 13 years old when told that he has a rare and aggressive blood cancer called AML.

After successful treatment, he asked a nurse how much he cared after Andrew spent six years raising the full amount he gave to the charity at the Children's Hospital in Sheffield on Friday.

Andrew Davis, pictured with his mother, has reached his goal
In 2012, he was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia

His mother, Allison, said she knew something was wrong with her young son when he began to collect infections and suffered from fatigue in 2012.

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The tests showed he had an AML. After three rounds of chemotherapy, Andrew had a procedure at the Children's Hospital in Sheffield in January 2013.

He told Mail Online: gru It was absolutely exhausting – chemotherapy was terrible. My hair fell, I had a terrible bleeding from my nose, I would fight to eat and so I lost a lot of weight.

"But it has never been something I would have allowed to get the best out of me."

Now he studies sports and exercises at John Mourse University in Liverpool
He spent years raising money by participating in sponsored walks and cycling

Three months after the successful surgery, he returned to school and then fully recovered.

The student of sports and training has raised funds by going to charity, selling cuffs at schools, organizing charity balls with local sports stars, and even ending 215-mile sponsored cycling from Liverpool to Skegness.

Sheryl Davidson of the Children's Hospital charity said: "Andrew's incredible efforts will make a huge difference for young patients across the region and south as Northampton."

Donate on Andrew Just Just's page.

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