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Lack of vaccination can cause death. Perhaps he does not kill his own child that it is not unlikely that the terrible decision not to vaccinate is putting everyone at risk who, for good reasons, can not get shot.

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"It's like picking up a bucket of gasoline and throwing a burning match in it. I'm afraid that this will get worse before it gets better, "Clark County Public Director Alan Melnick says.

Melnik said there are now 25 confirmed cases of measles and 12 suspected cases in Clark County. Most of them are children under 10 years of age.

At least 21 people with the disease have never received the MMR vaccine. The other four cases have not been verified.

"What people do not realize about measles is how contagious this is," said Lawrence Neville, Chief Medical Officer at PeaceHealth Southwest. "It is spreading with air droplets, so the air itself can be infected two hours later, after someone who is contagious with measles is in close proximity."

Miranda Smith said she was disappointed with the hearth. She has three young children.

– Honestly, that's their life. If they are not vaccinated and something like that happens, then what will I do to save them? – she said.

The Washington State Department's Department of Statistics shows that Clark County has the sixth lowest rate of immunization in the state.

"I will not be surprised if we see more cases outside of Clark County Melnik


The CDC's immunization recommendation is 90 percent.

Many districts in Washington fall under the recommendation, including:

  • Clark County: 76%
  • King County: 85%
  • Pierce County: 88%
  • District of Turston: 84%
  • Sundown County: 85%

"Most children, if they are lucky, will only get very high fever and rash and some diarrhea, but it can be dangerous enough to get a pneumonia that will lead to hospitalization," Neville said.

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