Friday , July 30 2021

The American carrier says Galaxy Note 10 will support 5G

Over the past few weeks, mobile news has been dominated by the fact that Samsung's Galaxy Fold has suffered several screen quality issues before its launch, but now another South Korean manufacturer has come into the spotlight – Galaxy Note 10.

For this purpose, the US operator Verizon has revealed some device details, albeit not confirmed by Samsung, the most important news is that it will support 5G.

Although this may not seem like something innovative, especially since Samsung is already making its debut with the 5G version of the Galaxy S10 earlier this year, this model seems to be the only taste Samsung is working on for Note 10.

This way, users will not be able to choose between different device reps, which may not be bad.

This as the Galaxy S10 5G is currently not scheduled to arrive in South Africa. By the time Samsung is expected to release Note 10 somewhere in September or October this year, we should hope to have several local operators that will have their 5G networks and work.

Since Samsung had to gain some trust in consumers after the recent Galaxy Fold troubles, we hope the 5G is not the only new feature the company has planned for Note 10.

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