Friday , July 30 2021

The body of the kidnapped girl was found in the River Baal

Durban – The body of a two-year-old child weighing in stone – was found in the Baal River near Delorshope, police said on North Cape.

Six-day search for the little girl led to a "terrible discovery," the police said in a statement sent by email.

It is alleged that the child was taken from her mother's home during the Easter weekend of a 41-year-old man who had penetrated the house and tried to rape his mother.

The clothes the girl carried during the alleged kidnapping were discovered by the river earlier in the week.

"A 41-year-old man was arrested and appeared before the magistrates in Barkley West on charges of raping, breaking a house with intent to attack and kidnap," police said. There will also be a charge of murder for the death of the child.

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