Thursday , June 24 2021

The Deputy Minister of Justice wants to appear before a state capture committee

Deputy Minister of Justice and Criminal Services Taban McVeltta says he has asked to appear before the judicial commission for an investigation into the capture of the state headed by court vice-president Raymond Zondo.

He wants to "make a modest contribution to the efforts to stop the threat of lagging behind in our national transformation project."

"All those who believe in corruption in devastation can lead to its incompatibility with development and freedom and must do everything in their power to succeed the Commission," McCella said in a statement Wednesday.

He insisted that he did not submit his request because he was involved with former Bosasa employee Richard le Roux.

Earlier this month, Le Ru said he was tasked with bringing improvements to the homes of various ministers and government officials, such as Goude Manthese, Minister of the Environment, Nomula Moconine, Environment Minister Vincent Smith and McGeely.

"We need to fight corruption"

But McVveta said the information was not new: "I have previously replied to the evidence of the electric fence and alarm system presented to my house before the Commission, and I will deal with it again when I appear before the court of Zondo on the date on which I've been given, "he said.

"We need to fight corruption in all its manifestations if the dream of those who gave their lives generously to be free, should not lie in ruins," he added.

Last weekend Mantache gave the journalists a tour of his property in Boxburg, Kala and Elliot. He argues that improvements are being made by his ANC security team and that he does not know that Bossasa has installed the cameras.

Meanwhile, the Hawks arrested six people last Wednesday for corruption, money laundering and fraud involving Bosasa.

These include former Bosasa CEO Angelo Agrizi and former commissioner for correctional services Linda Miti. Currently, they are repaid by R20,000 each.

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