Sunday , July 25 2021

The driver burned to death after collapsing the M41 bridge pole

Johannesburg – The driver of a light motor vehicle was burned to an unknowable after crashing his car in the pillar along the M41 in Kwazulu-Natal.

Sean Herbst, the spokesman for Netcare 911, said the deadly collision occurred on Wednesday evening about an hour before midnight along the northern part of the M4 but crossed the M41 between La Lucia and the Umhlanga rocks.

"The scene reports show that the driver of a light motor vehicle has lost control of the wall bridge, and when the paramedics arrived, the vehicle was completely swallowed by flames," says Herbst.

"The eThekwini fire and rescue service had warmed up the flames, and a closer look at a body was burned to ignore the driver's seat."

Northern Durban police were on the scene and they are investigating the cause of the fatal crash daily.

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