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The Methodist Church of the CA defines its first bishop

The Methodist Church in South Africa announced the appointment of its first bishop.

Reverend Chistota Malinga will take over the reins of Bishop Zichozil Siva.

"Surviving the cross and discrimination of the patriarch for more than 200 years, the women of the Methodist Church in South Africa (MCSA) finally broke the glass ceiling by electing the first presiding bishop to be a woman," the Gray statement said.

His successor was elected by vote, where the 12 synods of the church voted.

Siva describes Malinha as an ideal candidate for the position.

"Reverend Malinha is a tried and tested leader, and we look forward to her election as President. This decision of the church confirms our faith in the partnership of women and men – and confirms our knowledge and faith in black women – as capable leaders in their own right, "said Siva.

The church said earlier this appointment, Malinga has already made history, being the only synod ever to have been elected to MCSA.

She has worked for this post for two terms between 1998 and 2008.

Malinga was born and raised in the small rural town of Ixpoo, Kvashou-Natal, and is a qualified teacher.

He practiced as a teacher for five years before joining the ministry in 1981.

Malinka also holds a Masters degree in Theology at Harvard University and was previously Deputy Chair of the South African Council of Churches, chairman of the KZN Churches Council, member of the Council of Churches in Diaconia, and also a lecturer at the Federal Theological Seminary and John College Wesley.

She has also served as the head of the church's educational mission and ministry department for the last three years.

The church wished her well in her new position.

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