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The musk starts to climb on Bezos, who runs into space …

SpaceX of Elon Musk has made business since launching satellites for commercial customers, NASA and US military.

On Wednesday evening, the company will release its own orbital objects in a key step towards creating the cosmic constellation that unites broadband connections in poorly served areas around the world. This is the stake that Musk makes with his colleagues, billionaire Jeff Bezos, for earning revenue as an ISP from space. Musk created SpaceX in 2002 to colonize Mars.

During a phone call with journalists, Musk sounded cautiously but excitedly. "Some of these satellites may not work," Musk said. "I believe we will succeed, but it is far from certain."
The first 60 SpaceX Starlight satellites, Starlink, will be launched on board one of Falcon 9 rockets at about 22:30. Local Time Wednesday at the Cape Canaveral Air Force in Florida. SpaceX said yesterday from his headquarters in Hawthorne, Calif., That "time is 80% favorable" to run on schedule. After launching and deploying the payload, SpaceX will try to land the first stage of Falcon 9 on a ship unmanned airplane in the Atlantic Ocean.

Approximately one hour and two minutes after takeoff, Starling's satellites will start at an altitude of about 273 miles above 440 kilometers above Earth. Each satellite is equipped with a navigation system that allows SpaceX to accurately position satellites, track orbital remains and avoid collisions.

Musk said SpaceX plans to release approximately 60 satellites at a time as it builds the constellation. Noting that this was a "multi-billion effort," he said SpaceX had enough capital for the moment. "At this point, we seem to have enough capital to get to the operational level, but of course, if things go wrong and there are unexpected problems, we will have to raise more capital in this situation."

About 4 billion people – most of whom are in Africa and Southeast Asia – are not online and have no access to and reliable internet access. Even in the United States, a quarter of Americans in rural areas say access to high-speed internet is a major problem, according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted in 2018.

"Starling will provide access to broadband data for the discontinued 4 billion much earlier than most would have predicted," said Steve Djurvec, SpaceX's long-time director.

The Federal Communications Commission initially allowed SpaceX to launch and operate a constellation of 4425 non-geostationary orbit satellites in March last year, and then approved an additional 7,518 in November. The SpaceX plan for approximately 12,000 satellites far exceeds 1957 satellites circling the Earth, according to data from the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Musk, CEO of SpaceX, for the first time announced his satellite plans in 2015 when the company opened an engineering school near Seattle. He said the system would cost $ 10 to $ 15 billion for creation – perhaps more – but it will bring significant revenue to SpaceX once it is developed and ultimately will help finance a city on Mars.

"We see this as a way for SpaceX to generate revenue that can be used to develop more advanced missiles and spacecraft," Musk said on Wednesday. – This is a key step on the way to creating a self-sustaining city on Mars and a base of the Moon. We can use Starlink's earnings to fund the spacecraft.

He is far from seeing only the dollar signs that reinforce satellite internet service. Others with similar ambitions include Inc.'s Bezos, who runs the competitive Blue Star LLC; Canada's Telesat and Virginia-based OneWeb satellites supported by SoftBank Group Corp.

When MIT Technology Review reported on the Amazon project last month, Musk heard that Bezos was a copywriter.

SpaceX launched a pair of Starlink demo satellites in February last year. Four months later, Mukk flew to Seattle to visit the project team and fired at least seven people within a few hours, Reuters reported citing two unidentified employees. The dismissals followed a disagreement between Musk and others on the speed at which satellites are being developed and tested, the news agency reported in October.

One of them was removed by Rajeev Badyal, who joined SpaceX from Microsoft Corp. in 2014, and was vice president of satellites. Last month, CNBC announced that Badyal is now the leading Amazon project in Kuiper, which plans to place more than 3000 low-Earth satellites. The Starlink team is now headed by Mark Juncosa, SpaceX's vice president of automotive and an eight-year veteran of the company.

"Every company has to release a certain number of satellites to provide commercial services," said Tom Strup, president of the satellite industry association in Washington. He noted that there are already companies, including Iridium Communications Inc., SES SA, Viasat Inc., Inmarsat Plc and Hughes Network Systems LLC, which are currently providing global broadband services from space.

To make dozens, hundreds or thousands of satellites in space and to operate "is not a small feat," he said.



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