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The Sunday Times editor announced that Hawkes is investigating Coca's bribery claims

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Johannesburg – Sunday Times editor Bongani Sikoko is summoned by Hawks in connection with a probe in which former CEO of Escom Matchela Coco was asked for a bribe from R3m by a person who claims it would prevent a negative article, Timeslive reports.

The alleged bribery request was from someone who claims to act on behalf of Mzilikazi wa Afrika, a former Sunday Times reporter, to prevent the publication of history in 2017.

Gauthenberg Hawks spokesman Captain Ndivhuwo Mulamu said on the website that they are investigating the case and that no arrests have been made.

According to the news site, Coco claims in his appeal that in May 2017 he turned to him from a man named Walter Sitol who told him that the "harmful" information about him was due to the Sunday Times.

– He says the story is about Impuls International, a company whose daughter is brought to Coco Coco Choma's daughter, who has received several big contracts from Escob. Coco said that Sitohol told him that a newspaper journalist, Wa Afrika, would write the story and show him a list of news planned for this week that included the damaging story, Timeslive said.

It is reported that on 6 May, the evening before the date of publication, Sitol brought Coco a "copy of the editor" on the page. Coco said the alleged harmful information was indeed omitted from the newspaper.

After the publication of this edition of the newspaper, Coco said that Sitol had asked R3m from him, saying that this was beneficial to Wa Afrika because he did not publish the story of Coco and Impulse, according to Timeslive.

Wa Afrika, when he spoke to Timeslive, denied the accusations, saying it was "just a dirty campaign to get back to revealing him [Koko]".

He said the issue was addressed last year when the Hawks approached Sikoko and that he had never been sought by the Hawks.

"I exposed Mother Coco, my stories about him were published in the" Sunday Times … "

On that date, he said, "I did not have a story about my diary about Mathela Coco, which will be published on May 7, 2017. Hawks investigates the matter and even comes to talk to the editor, and it has been confirmed that there is no such story in my diary.

"I have never talked to Coco about a story, and if there was any deal with Walter Sitol, it has nothing to do with me …

"I have never taken bribes from anyone to influence any story," says Va. Africa

On Sunday, Sichoco told Timeslive: "I can confirm that I'm summoned to appear in court or pass a copy of our diary of Hawkes 'investigators' stories, and we gave it to our lawyers to advise us how to handle this. "

Coco said on the new site that he would not comment more. "This question is already in the police, and I am pleased with the progress the police have done." I do not comment anymore.

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