Tuesday , June 15 2021

There are no premier candidates for EFF – Malema

The economic freedom fighters, if the party gets a mandate from the electorate of South Africa, will insist that the constitution be amended – but not expropriate land without compensation, as the party wants, but rather eliminate the provinces.

Her leader, Julius Malema, speaking at the Gigant Stadium in Sosangveve, where EFF launches its manifesto for the 2019 national elections, said the party no longer wants provinces.

"We are from South Africa, we are from Africa, we are one thing," Malema said.

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He voiced an opinion calling into question the existence of nine separate provinces – an idea that is often played by ANC, the ruling party.

Then Malema told the crowd, which packed the stadium with 18,000 seats, that there would be no premier candidates from his party to challenge the upcoming elections.

"This is the thing in the provinces that leads to tribal deeds, in Limpopo you already know that this is Pedi, [Xitsonga] and Venda; in Kwazulu-Natal, Zulu; and in East Cape Khoza. "

The speculation in and around the EDF was that the party would put Mandija Mashego, the country's president, to lead Gautheng, which would be one of the most disputed provinces in the upcoming elections.

But Malema rejected this idea.

"We do not believe in the provinces that we will not have premier candidates in the EDF," Malema said.

"There is only one head of the election campaign and this is the president of the EDF," he added.

Malema said the party wants only national and local government structures, with local government receiving the bulk of the budget – 60%.

"From national law to local, from local to your faucet, your schools … change your life in practice," says Malema.

Reduce the voting age

The EFF also called for a reduction in the voting age to 16, claiming that South African law entitles a 16-year-old child to consent when it comes to sex.

"Sex is worse than voting," he said.

Malema said that if young people can choose who they want to sleep with, they should be able to choose the political party they want.

"If they do, you know who will win … because we are not old," Malema said.

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