Monday , June 14 2021

There is no one to judge you more than to go to church

She said it's worse when people who claim to be "God's favorites" but are the worst trolls in social media.

"Even those who talk nonsense to others in social media and drag others into social media, judging and condemning, go to their pages and number one – their lives are in ruins." Number three, their favorite status is "the beloved daughter or son of God. "

"How do you love when you destroy and judge others? Chief, start with references to your own life before turning to others."

Kelly's video message appeared in the background of a fresh look at her personal life.

Speculation that the couple is over, appears in late January after fans noticed that they had deleted the photos of others.

Sources reported on Sunday that the summoning of Kelly may have been the cause of the alleged division.

Both Kelly and Chad were mothers on the reports, and Kelly's management tells TshisaLIVE that they can not comment on the star's private life.

Apparently Kelly does not want to talk to the media about his connections.

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