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This Wolf: Changing the wings will take months

Date of publication: February 26, 2019

The Mercedes will be open to change the design of its front wing if it proves that they have gone the wrong way; this change may take months, said TOTO WOLF.

When Mercedes and Ferrari released their 2019 cars, one of the most striking differences between the two is the design of their front wings.

Ferrari went with a different design for all of its competitors, except for Alfa Romeo.

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The SF90 wings slide down from the middle and then rise from the ground to the end plates.

As for the wing of the W10, it rises up to the end plates and uses the maximum allowable depth in front of the tire.

As Ferrari seems to be the team that will win in pre-season tests, this has raised questions about whether Mercedes can change the design of its front wing.

"You must be open," said, quoted by Mercedes Boss Wolff. "We have always had a different design philosophy for many of the other teams.

– We've been a long time since the other teams. We have never raked in the car compared to some of the other teams. Not because we believed our concept was better than every corner, but we believe the whole car package is the best for us.

"Having said that with a new regulatory change, you must be open to what others have done. And if something works better, each team will now look at what others have put in the car and try it out on their own.

Stressed by the question of whether Mercedes will be open to change design, Wolfe warns that this is not a quick and simple process.

"These are things you do not do from one day to another," he said. "If you're thinking about changing the aerodynamic concept of a car, it's not a matter of days or weeks. It's a matter of months.

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