Tuesday , June 15 2021

Today I will be playing music for the first time in 90 days

Although HHP's wife, Lerato Sengadi, will feel his loss forever on the three-month anniversary of his death, she chose to celebrate her.

The hip-hop veteran took his life on 24 October 2018 after a long battle with depression.

Arriving at Instagram on Thursday, Lerato gave the followers a glimpse at the grief he felt.

"After weeping for 89 consecutive days, sorry for lost love, on the ninetieth day I decided to celebrate a life, I was blessed to be part of it.

Lerato added that for the first time in the 1990s, she decided to play the HHP music.

"Today I will be playing hur music for the first time in 90 days and will sing as ever before, so if the tears want to come back they will just have to wait until tomorrow because today I'm celebrating Moto Vaca."

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