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Trade Support and Resistance DailyForex

This week we will start with the monthly and weekly forecasts of currency pairs it's worth watching. The first part of our forecast is based on our 16-year Forex research, which shows that the following methodologies have produced profitable results:

Let's look at the relevant data on changes in currency prices and current interest rates we have collected using the main world currencies index:


Monthly Forecast July 2019

For July, we predicted that the best deals would be short USD / CAD and short USD / JPY. Presentation of the forecast so far is shown below:


Weekly Forecast 14father July 2019

Last week we did not make a weekly forecast. This week we do not make any predictions.

No important currency pair and cross moved by more than 1% in the last week. Volatility is likely to remain very low again next week.

Last week, the relative strength of the New Zealand dollar and the relative weakness of the US dollar dominated, but the moves were very low.

You can trade our forecasts at real or demo forex broker account,

Previous Monthly Forecasts

You can see the results of our previous monthly forecasts here,

Key levels of support / resistance for popular couples

We learn that deals need to be introduced and come at or very close to the key levels of support and resistance. Surely there is key levels of support and resistance this week should look at more popular currency pairs, which can lead to reversal or breakthrough:


That's all about this week. You can trade our forecasts at real or demo forex broker account test strategies and strengthen your self-esteem before investing real money.

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