Sunday , June 20 2021

Tuku death: Promoters hit hard

"In Tucu, we lost a bright note, a man who did not hesitate to work with anyone, including raising a generation of young artists he was growing as his own seeds. Therefore, the industry has lost not only an artist but also a father and a mentor. Without him we are poorer, "he said.

"It is enough just the government to give Tuku a heroic status for the huge and unparalleled contribution to the industry. We do not say that he has to be put into the character's hero, but let's honor him by giving the statute, he has left us an inheritance – 66 albums and one million memories.

The founder of Jibilika Plot Mhako said that Tuku will be remembered that he has taken the music of Zimbabwe around the world.

"We lost a global icon, a true legend. Oliver Mukudzi's death is a huge loss for the country, Africa and the world. His music touched so many lives around the world, inspiring peace, love, tolerance and unity, "he said.

"His (Tuku) great and incomparable legacy will forever live and inspire future generations. Tuku identified the Zimbabwean sound and took it all over the world, hypnotizing crowds. I hope the government will give him the status of a national hero, if not, in the hearts of many, he is a real hero. Rest your strength
Samanyanga ".

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