Thursday , June 24 2021

Unemployed youths from Rustenburg want jobs at the Bosforth Dam plant

RUSTENBURG – The unemployed people in Ikageng near Rustenburg promised to stop work at the Bospoort Dam treatment plant until they were hired.

A group of unemployed, mostly young people, stopped workers on Tuesday from entering the factory.

"As we are unemployed youths, our local councilors know this, but they are going ahead and hiring in our area," said community leader Boytulemelo Leshezane.

"The local municipality of Rustenburg knows its people, that means they also know who owns which companies," Leshezane said.

She said companies owned by some counselors were auctioned at the Bosport plant.

"It is wrong for the municipality to allow its employees to work on the site," Leshezane said.

The municipal spokesman, David Magge, states that the municipality only offers and that the main contractor decides who is a subcontractor.

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