Thursday , January 21 2021

Vivo APEX 2019 Conceptual Device – Gadget

"In order to improve usability and simplicity in the core, APEX 2019 offers consumers a look into the future of smartphone design and development," said Spark Ne, Senior Vice President of Vivo. , Along with several other breakthrough features, make the APEX 2019 truly a great smartphone that demonstrates the ongoing Vivo research and the drive for outstanding innovations for consumers. "

Super Unibody design

The device introduces a FullView design that reduces the panel to virtually nonexistent. The device provides a non-standard smartphone experience by completely removing the physical buttons, and instead uses Touch Sense technology that combines capacitive touch and pressure sensation. With this, the pressure sensors can see if the user presses the frame firmly and the capacitive touch can determine its position, providing extremely sensitive accuracy.

The USB ports are replaced with a MagPorta magnetic power connector that allows both data loading and data transfer. This allows the body to be more compact.

It also transforms its display into a speaker using Body SoundCasting technology, turning the display into a speaker with the screen vibration function, avoiding the need for a speaker grid.

Full Display Scanning

The handset is equipped with full-screen fingerprint scanning technology, with a sensor that covers almost the entire display. This allows users to touch almost anywhere on the screen to unlock the device supported by the Vivo fingerprint feature. This function works when the user's finger is near the display, and the pixels around the touch point will automatically light up as an additional light source to help produce a crisp fingerprint image.

A larger sensor also allows for more security enhancements when using applications. When users wake up their device from an inactive screen and click on the app icon to scan their finger, they can unlock and get direct access to the app.

5G smartphone for a variety of custom scenarios

The device runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 platform with super-large 12GB + memory 256GB, and is equipped with Jovi AI assistant.
It has also resolved the challenge of the limited space on the motherboard with the Duplex PCB Design, which has increased the available space by 20% to minimize the total space for stacking. This is the decision of Vivo to release space for the 5G modules, making the phone a completely universal 5G phone.

Vivo is a leading 5G technology standard empowered by the merging of technologies, including AI, Internet of Things (IoT), Enhanced Reality, and Virtual Reality. In the future, the deep integration of 5G and AI will become the key to the development of the 5G smartphone. Vivo says it will continue to explore the future of the smartphone as part of its commitment to providing consumers futuristic mobile user experience.

APEX 2019 will be presented at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona at the end of February, and visitors to the event will have the opportunity to enjoy first-hand viewing.

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