Friday , June 18 2021

Vodacom shutdown threatened

Vodacom faces a long-term attack by politicians and a lobbyist group to reach a mutually agreed settlement of the dispute. Please call me.

This follows a statement by Vodacom earlier this month that his CEO has determined the amount of reasonable compensation payable to Kenneth Macate for his "Please Call Me" idea.

Make answers of Vodacom's statement, saying he disagreed with anything and that "the amount the Chief Executive Officer has determined is shocking and offensive."

"Vodacom" objected, explaining that the order of the Constitutional Court, which orders it to pay Makate, does not require him to agree to the amount determined by the chief executive officer.

Vodacom said he considered the matter closed and that Makate's funds would be transferred as soon as they received his bank details.

Repulsion by politicians

While Vodacom wants to continue on this issue, politicians and the lobbyist group called "PleaseCallMe Movement" have other ideas.

Communications Minister Stella Nabbeni-Abrahams told Vodacom recently "just shut down", urging the company to "do the right thing to talk to Macate instead of this bad PR stunt."

She added that Vodakom should not "talk to us until he comes to an agreement with his team."

Gauteng Education MEC Panayaza Lesuffi said in Twitter that people should adhere to "Noksana Call please, call me", "against this hooligan, called Vodakom."

Lesuffi added that Macate had to be protected by Vodacom and that the company had to "pay him the face of the nation's wrath for the rest of the month."

The Saturday star is quoted Lesuffi says "Vodacom should not ignore us" and "if we do not solve the issue by January 31, we will use all possible means."

"We will lobby institutions related to Vodakom. We have to lobby the state and we want to put pressure on Vodacom internationally, "he said.

He added that he was "in contact with the South African embassies in order to get contacts that could support the pressure of Vodakom abroad."

Vodacom shutdown threatened

The PleaseCallMe movement, headed by Modise Sekgothe, threatens to close Vodacom on January 31 if no agreement is reached.

The movement, which claims to be against corporate maltreatment and consumer injustice, says Vodacom owes Ride a billion for his idea.

"Join us as we will close Vodaworld in search of justice for Nkosana Makate," a recently published flyer writes.

Another view

With so much emphasis on the battle between Vodacom and Makate, the true inventor of the Please Call Me service is rarely mentioned.

Ari Kahn, who previously consulted MTN, created Call Me Technology in 2000 and said that Vodacom has privately recognized him as the inventor of the service.

The Patent Office of the CA has granted a Call Me patent to Kahn and MTN and on January 22, 2001, Kahn recognized as an inventor.

As a true inventor of Please Please Me, Kahn believes Makate should not have received a cent from Vodacom for his "invention."

Kahn said Macate was not the creator of "Please Call Me", adding that the courts have never ruled that he invented the service. "You can not think of an idea, that's all he has to offer," said Kane.

Kahn said that Macate does not have any rights on the "Call me" service and is not entitled to compensation, as the "Kahn / MTN patent represents a state of the art".

"The whole case is portrayed as" the little man denies his due from the gang's great network "to gather sympathy and confuse the fact that he has not actually invented the service," said Kane.

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