Sunday , July 25 2021

Watch chimps scrolled through Instagram in this viral video

For many users, Instagram has become a wormhole – it's easy to suck, thanks to endless scrolling and endless amounts of content at your fingertips.

Such behavior is imitated in a recent video, published in Instagram, which includes a chimpanzee, the closest relative of mankind. The video shows the chimpanzee flickering through Instagram, blindfolded to the iPhone screen because it loves posting and watching videos. He even calculates how to get back to the feed to look at more photos.

The video was published by user @therealtarzann, an exotic animal specialist called Mike Holston. Holston has more than 5 million followers in Instagram and nearly half a million YouTube subscribers who see that Haltston interact and pose with different animals, including crocodiles, umbats, lizards and snakes.

Holston's post has collected more than 1.4 million views since it was published four days ago. But this is not the first time Holston has published a chimpanzee video showing a feed through an Instagram feed. A similar post in March received more than 2 million posts.

However, it is clear that Instagram has created an interface that is so easy to use, even the chimpanzee can do it.

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