Monday , June 21 2021

– We are ANK, YES, EFF! Signing up for the first time

On Saturday, 18-year-old Sharon-Lee Williams first registered.

For others in her position, this would be a very bland, bureaucratic event to be allowed in a few minutes. But Williams was in the midst of a war on the prosecution.

YM leader Mmusi Maimane, DA provincial leader Bonginkosi Madikizela, West African Prime Minister Alan Winde, DA and Corruption Speaker Phumzile van Damme, DA DA's chairman, Nomafrench Mbombo, DA Western Western Deputy Leader and spokesman for Albert Fritz's youth campaign, Luyolo Mphithi, along with their media officers and other DA supporters – a total of about 22 people in DA-blue – went to Williams's 7th Avenue, Eastridge, Mitchells Plain, with the media.

Terrified by the sudden glare of the media projector, and with Mayman's hand on her weak shoulders, Williams told the media that she thought everything was quite exciting, and she was eager to be registered for the first time.

"I also want to motivate the other youngsters, that's your future, so make a choice," she said as Van Dam nodded in agreement with her.

She said the most important thing the government can do is create jobs for young people.

After graduating from high school in 2017, Williams spent last year at the Chrysalis Academy, a nonprofit organization funded mainly by the West Caucasian Ministry of Public Safety. Next year, she will apply for a law enforcement officer.

The entourage left her on foot for the polling station – the Mitchells library. As they left, some members of the blue mother group began to chant: "Are we? YES, we are? YES!"

After the last chant, a young girl from an adjacent house disappeared, a lot of entertainment for journalists in listening: "We are? ANK!"

Passing through a shopping area, Mayman often stopped by people who wanted their photo to be taken with him.

However, worship is not universal.

– The prosecutor is robbing people. They give houses to the blacks, "said a man when the environs passed by him.

"EFF!" cried a young man.

"Are you dead jockey wow jul ge-promise het?[ Where are the jobs you promised?]another man cried, as if angry. – Jules is a clown squall, man! [You’re a bunch of crooks, man!]"

"Dis Helen are men [These are Helen Zille’s people]said the fruit seller when the blue entourage passed it.

– Hey, YES! Where are the sweaters? a man with an impressive gray beard asked.

"Mamus Maimane of Daai, no [That’s Mmusi Maimane, right]- said one man to another.

At the voting place, Mimeane entered with Williams, presented himself as "Mumzy" of the election committee's staff and explained that he was accompanying Williams when he first registered for the vote.

Only a few minutes later, Williams smiled.

"I'm very excited, I feel happy," she told the media out of the library.

"I thought the process would be very long, but it was very quick and easy, it went very fast," she said.

Maimane said it was special to share the day with Williams. "She encourages all her friends, all young people, to go out there, to vote for the construction of a South Africa for everyone," said Mayman.

As the prosecutor's office gathered at the entrance of the library, a tough member of the electoral commission asked them to move aside. They went to the prosecution stall a few yards for more photos or videos and singing.

There was a lonely, old woman in a T-shirt with an ANC. As the prosecution sang, she chanted "ANC!". Winde went to her, and she said her name was Eleanor Buttelesi and she would vote ANC until she died. Winder said she was still welcome to a glass of tea at the prosecutor's desk.

There was a smile on his face as he noticed a brown envelope behind Buttelesi's chair. "Did Radul give you that brown envelope?" he asked with a hint of malice in his voice.

A few paces away from the blue brigade, Williams stood in his black summer dress when News24 approached her to ask what he was doing from all this.

– The encouragement was great. I'm grateful, "she said.

When asked if she thinks the vote will change things in the future, she said, "I believe so, yes."

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