Sunday , June 20 2021

"We can not transfer you for a comment about releasing the load because of the shedding of the load"

The extent to which the reduction in workload affects not only individual users in South Africa but also the business sector, it became clear during an informal study conducted by Fin24 on Tuesday.

The Builders Warehouse call center operator said that after Eskom began unloading the load on Sunday, the hardware giant received more calls from the country in the country than consumers who wanted to buy generators.

Mixed bag

Contact with various branches of a retailer The game gives different results. The manager of a store in Bloemfontein said he was unable to comment on the media and pointed to Fin24 at the Durban headquarters. But when Fin24 called the dealer's headquarters for a comment, the receptionist said she was unable to transfer the call to the Communications department due to the unloading of the cargo.

"Try again in an hour," she suggested.

When he called for a comment in the Welkom free-game playhouse, the floor manager told Fin24 that he could speak loudly, as the generator – switched on by the shedding of the load – made so much noise he could not hear what he was saying by phone.

She also said customers are coming to buy generators and rechargeable lamps.

Only Limppo seemed relatively intact. The gaming shop manager in this province told Fin24 that so far there has been little difference in consumer behavior since the beginning of the unloading of the cargo. "Our customers are still just coming for bread and eggs," she said.

"Really Affects Our Sales"

A Verimark employee in Table View, Cape Town, told Fin24 that shedding has a major impact on the store's ability to trade.

During the unloading of the cargo, the credit card machine signal disappears, making it impossible to purchase cards.

"People do not carry a lot of money with them, so the inability to pay with a credit card in the store really affect our sales," he said.

The floor manager at Game in Soweto told Fin24 customers that they were looking for rechargeable lamps and gas stoves. The same trend is evident in the builders' warehouse in Cape Gate, Cape Town.

"People buy generators, emergency lights … even torches," said a floor manager at Cape Gate.

Six hours of waiting for an email

The Point Building Supplies & Hardware Manager in Zonnebloem, Cape Town, told Fin24 that when the load is unloaded, its building trade clients can not really do their job.

Besides, he had to spend six hours at the port of Cape Town on Monday to wait for the order.

Due to the shedding of cargo, an email from Durban can not be sent from where the order originated to process the delivery in Cape Town.

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