Tuesday , January 26 2021

What are the chances of the Black Panther Oscar, like after the SAG Awards?


Will the dream of winning the best superhero picture become a reality?

By Whitney Seibold

Screen Actors guild awards were handed out on Sunday, and only slightly surprisingly, Black Panther won the biggest prize for outstanding performance of the roles in a movie. The movie star, Chadwick Boseman, referred to a song by Nina Simon in her acceptance speech: "Young, Gifted and Black." This is more than good news for movie fans. He also supports Black Panther's chances of winning Oscar for best film. Previously, the idea of ​​the superheroid, which actually won the best picture, was the dream of the tube or a pleasant distraction. Once the SAG Prize Wins, it looks like – dare to dream? – a real opportunity.

The SAG, historically, has been associated with the Academy Awards so often that it is difficult to dismiss it as a coincidence. The SAG Awards have bestowed the best film award ever since its inception in 1995, and each award-winning film – besides one – has been nominated for the best film at the Academy Awards. (By the way, the only film that won the best Oscar nomination was The Birdcage in 1996.) Of the 25 best winners, 11 won the Best Oscars Award. On the other hand, 10 additional Oscar winners were nominated for Best SAG Awards. The two categories dance so carefully that their attendants in the middle school become nervous. If you are a betting type, you might want to look at how the odds for Black Panther are now being formed.

The black panther was at last the best film for 2018 (at least internally), outpacing even the Avengers: "War infinity." Besides, it was a huge critical beloved, with critics citing its sociopolitical awareness, great aphroduturist design and conceited character that raised it over many of its genres. Other films, of course, have also earned these differences, but it seems that the Black Panther has used something more widespread for the culture as a whole, which allows the award-winning organs to recognize it openly and celebrate it.

In addition to the Black Panther's SAG victory, it's worth remembering and how many nominations that were needed were stacked during the statute season. The Black Panther has received prestigious awards like the Producer Guild Award (lost from the bad Green Book) or the Critics Choice Award, through more populist honors such as the MTV Movie Awards and the Teen Choice Awards. If a movie from 2018 can be considered "universally beloved", it is probably the Black Panther.

Does the universally beloved automatically translate to Oscar? Although it can not always get in favor of a movie (Avatar, the biggest hit of all time, mistakenly lost its best picture), it certainly does not hurt it. In a year when the Academy is annoying the best category of the most popular films (before wisely to give up the idea), it is quite possible that the academy's voters will finally get a hint, listen to the will of mass movies and adjust their habits to vote to include massively popular action movies. The Academy's voters may finally realize that they do not have to choose the best winners in the picture that resemble each other. There will now be room for a wider variety of actual victories, not symbolic nominations that smell poorly from the patronage of ordinary audiences.

What will mean the victory of the Black Panther Oscar in a broader sense? For many, of course, she will derive a more categorical and legitimate niche in the older adult culture of superheroes. Movies Avengers will no longer be just fun for pop action. They will be legitimate contenders for Oscar. Most of the superhero movies, especially those in the MCU, are currently widespread because of their slippery quality, the storyline storytelling and, of course, the tremendous financial success, but winning the Oscar would win the genre more. Now the numerous fans of the genre will be able to testify to this, they can also be recognized by the industry as superb G-movies.

From this article, according to several Vegas betting websites, which I quickly checked, the Black Panther is still something long-term; Oddshecker.com lists the chances of winning the best picture at 33/1 (the Roma are doing well on 10/11). This may not look too much on paper, but considering these are far better odds than ever before in superhero movies, then maybe you should let yourself hope.

The Academy Awards will take place on Sunday, February 24th.

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