Tuesday , July 27 2021

Widow Dennis Ganes of Momentum u-turn

"We have not seen anything black and white yet, but I believe that justice is fulfilled. I said I was pushing and I did not give up."

She said she was grateful for all the support received by the social media and the country.

"If it was not for the support, the promotion, the fight for me in my name and as a viral one, I do not think I would." It was really amazing.

South Africa's joyful reactions to the Momentum decision flooded social media on Wednesday.

– Great news. Impulse, this is the right thing to dobecause we can only hope and pray that other insurers have the same integrity, "said Barbara Munro on Facebook.

Satish Bugwandin commented: "And we've all done it!" The impulse pays the claim and all other allegations of violence, regardless of medical history!

It was a feeling shared by Kyle Gordon, who wrote: "When South Africans gather together, we can do good things to do."

Wadeid Sally thought of the tragedy that caused the family of Ghana: "I am happy with this widow and her family. It is a pity that he has to fight for so long instead of giving him time to mourn the family, but at least now have one There may be justice in finding the people responsible for the tragic death of her husband.

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