Tuesday , June 15 2021

"You condemned us": Ease begins to attack Ramaphos over apartheid

Coop President Mossa Lekota stopped shortly to call on President Cyril Ramaphos during today's debate on the nation.

Easily uses the second day of the debate to settle the old result, accusing Ramaphos of distancing itself from the struggle against the apartheid regime.

Initially, Lekota refused to talk about his four minutes while Ramaphos left briefly.

Chairman of the National Council of the Provinces Tandhi Modize issued a strict condemnation, telling Lekota that his "amnesia" was amazing given that he had been in parliament since 1994 and had seen presidents leave the room when needed .

Modizze also rejected a proposal by a Deputy Deputy Deputy Deidre Carter, who asked an MEP member to talk about Ramaphos' return.

Upon his arrival, Lekota began an attack on the president.

"Last week the President was here when he invited me to join him. I do not know what trip. Today I want to tell the President that I was a little puzzled that you introduced [Theodore] Roosevelt in everything you talked about. I would like to say that we have to go back to South Africa because I have never been to the United States to fight, "said Lekota, citing Ramaphos quoting Roosevelt's" man in the arena "last week.

"We were fighting here and I want to tell you, Mr President, that we were invited to a fight by the prominent student leader of our time, the late Steve Bicho, who told us we had to fight the fight, We had to answer of this challenge; Your invitation last week was overdue. The challenge we had to respond to was the time and you were in custody with us.

"When it was difficult, you wrote to the Special Branch that you put Communist ideas in your head. That's how you condemned us. I tell you this because the Special Branch has rewarded you, as they have always done with their victims; they sent you home. And we went to Robben Island, you had to answer, "he added.

"That invitation you made on Friday, you had to release it then. We had to travel together on the island to serve the years of our people's struggle. I will not join you for the trip. I will not join you because you made your trip then. I made my choice. "

With the end of the day, EFF leader Julius Malema offered EFP time for Cop's president to continue, motivating him that "this issue of selling is very important."

Without mentioning specific issues raised by Ramaphos during his Sona last week, Lekota concluded, stressing that he would not listen to the President's call.

"The only thing I wanted to do was that this was the time when the elections were made. I made my choice to go down with my people, made a choice to go with them. Now you are inviting us to join the corruption of Bossasa, the destruction of all the things you have done with others. I'm sorry, sir, I'll stay with the people in Heylisha, Chiavello in Soweto, and so on. The day we leave from here will not reach the lightning of Egypt, but it will be to go with our people when there is freedom for everyone. I thank you. I'm grateful to be a billionaire, keep the billionaires and thank you for them, but we will not come with you. I'm not joining this trip. "

Ease was spokesman number six on the second day of the Sona debates. A total of 23 speakers are in line for the final day of the debate. Ramaphos will answer tomorrow afternoon.

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