Monday , June 14 2021

Zuma, Ramaphos prepared in the same pot of African national corruption – Malema – The citizen

In a broad-based eNCA interview with The Modise Network on Saturday night, a calm EDF leader, Julius Malema, developed his view that South African voters should not believe ANC would ever free itself of the corruption of personal interest, even under the leadership of President Cyril Ramaphos.

He repeated EFF's long-standing claims that Eskom remains at risk of being destroyed by the family bond of power and interests represented by the Ramaphos brothers, energy minister Jeff Radebe and billionaire businessman Patrice Maceppe.

Motsepe has an energy company focused on renewable energy sources.

In response to a question from Modide about the country's greatest risk to the country's economy as a result of the failure of Escom's loan, Malema said that South Africa should do its best to save the power that was used to it's over. in the pockets of corrupt politicians and company employees.

He suggested the example of Toyota, which is regularly rescued by the Japanese government.

"In the situation in Escom we know that the money was stolen. That is why Eskom is in the state he is now.

"But secondly, you have an Eskom board, including the Motsepe brothers – Jeff Radebe, the president, Patrice Motsepe – who have no love for Eskom, and their desire is to close this thing so that independent power producers (IPP) large contracts can be an alternative to Escom.

– This is a big problem. This is another Gupta (an attempt to seize the state) that comes to our country and we have to deal with it. Patrice Mochis must be stopped. Jeff Radebe, Cyril Ramaphos, must be stopped.

"These IPAs will benefit their families and neglect the state-owned company called Escom, which has tremendous potential."

That led Modis to ask Malema to compare former President Jacob Zuma's leadership with Ramaphos, and whether the situation in the country can now improve with Ramaphos, which makes rapid changes and improvements in an attempt to clear the state and the bodies it controls.

– You can not say that. They [Zuma and Ramaphosa] are the same. They are from the same sweat. You can not cook a chicken in the same pot and say that this piece is better than that piece. They are the same. What is a pot? Pot is African national corruption. Here they prepare. They are all products of this.

"Symptoms are there, Bra, Tim. Cyril will show you flames. I am happy to warn now. Because I warned even in 2011 about Gupta and the ANC wanted to blame me for this. "

They then discussed the fact that Ramaphos promised in parliament in November to ensure that his son Andyle would have to face imprisonment if it is true that he received money incorrectly through his business contract with an extremely controversial company management of Bosasa facilities.

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Malema said, "The son is involved in Bossasa, which we now know is a criminal syndicate. We need to ask him when he takes his son to the police station. He is committed to doing so. [It was] oral service. "

Malema claims that the EDF is the "only party" that has not taken money from Bossasa.

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