Sunday , May 16 2021

150,000 rapid HIV tests this year will surpass the Department of Health

The Department of Health is close to 150,000 rapid tests to detect the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV); Reactive, which have an efficiency close to 100% when detecting the virus, which takes only a few minutes.

This was announced by Health Minister Monica Liliana Rangel Martinez, who explained that within the framework of the National Day for Fast Test for 2018, the Secretariat held a timely nationwide campaign, which at the end of October allowed 144,000 tests in the rocks and the dead .

"In addition, our program of care and monitoring of HIV patients is among the best in the country in care, as nine out of 10 patients with this disease maintain low levels of this virus in the blood, which is an institutional achievement" Monica Liliana Rangel said.

He explained that this week they are running rapid HIV testing in the various municipalities in the seven sanitary jurisdictions that have the highest number of fatalities.

In addition, the Ministry of Health added that the tests will be available in healthcare departments such as: health centers, CAPASITS, general hospitals and community hospitals.

The benefits of a fast HIV test are:

1. Knowing the diagnosis of HIV helps prevent preventative measures.

2.- Early detection allows a better start of treatment.

3. – This campaign will be vigilant that any fast HIV test will have a consultation before and after the test, as well as the delivery of results by trained and informed staff to accompany you.

4.- The quick test gives us a score of faithfulness and sensitivity close to 100% in minutes.

People who are recommended to have a quick HIV test are those who have performed unprotected sexual practices, people who share needles or other sharp objects, or those who have sexually transmitted infection, hepatitis or tuberculosis. They have made a tattoo or piercing for earrings in every part of your body.


2017 Tests applied at the end of the third quarter 123.396

2018 Tests applied at the end of the third quarter 144.895

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