Sunday , June 13 2021

23 reasons why it's worth giving up

Those who want stop smoking they start a path that may seem tricky, but in fact it is not compared with problems that addiction to nicotine, From your own health to that of your children, from sickness to budgeting rest, from tooth color to fertility, the abandonment of the cigarette has a positive influence on many issues in a person's life.

Reduces the risk of cancer: smoking is associated with multiple forms of this disease, especially cancer lung, throat, pancreas, Bladder and mouth.

Low blood pressure: the cigarette is a cause of high blood pressure.

The possibility of heart attack is reduced by half: Only after a year without smoking, the heart benefits.

• Frequency of heart diseases in general, strokes and cataracts,

• More money available: By not smoking people save about $ 2,000 a year.

• Danger of development diabetes,

Increase breathing capacity: Lung function improves by 30% after three months of withdrawal. Breath easier and less cough.

• The risk of suffering is reduced Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and in general, respiratory tract infections.

The skin regains its healthy appearance: one may look younger and the yellow color disappears from his nails and fingers.

• Reduces anxiety by hiding the habit or Think of where the next cigarette will be smoking.

• Improves dental and oral health: I no longer have any teeth,

• Improves fertility.

• It Rejuvenate the taste: Food has a better taste

• The meaning of smell,

The ex-smoker's clothes, objects and areas stop to smell of cigarette smoke.

• Reason for problems with erectile dysfunction.

• Reason for snoring when you sleep.

• The likelihood of smoking is diminished.

• Improves family health as it is no longer exposed to cigarette smoke (passive smoking) or tobacco residues on furniture, walls, floors and other surfaces (third-hand smoke). This exposure carries risks such as asthma, respiratory infections and allergies.

Conflicts with loved ones are diminishing from smoke in the home, second and third tobacco.

A low birth rate is eliminated at birth: a pregnant woman who does not smoke, favors the health of the baby.

Increase energy generally

(Videos without tobacco in Florida are made with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a federal agency in the United States.

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