Wednesday , January 27 2021

3 keys to find out the 3 years in which things happened

If financial flows and "things happened" are the result of consecutive errors in the international financial scenario, the political level was marked by long walks and some sunset sponsored by fragmented opposition to the end.

In the spring of the first 100 days of management, the model led by Maurizio Macri gave powerful plea for his priorities, understanding more than ever about them as necessary contrasts of Kirchner.

37 days after its opening, the president announced that a significant portion of the field detentions had been removed, Alfonso Pratt-Gay said the end of the shares to the dollar, Jose Aranguren began a long trip in the interest rate increase, and was arrested (and continues to be) in the province of Gerardo Morales. Spot the Difference.

In this sense, to some initial doubts and premature departure of the government team, the October 22 elections has politically affirmed that it is changing as the first national power after receiving more than 40% of the will.

This year 2017 will be the only year in which the political pulse will be accompanied by some modest economic achievements. Encouraged by these two variables, the government took advantage of the maximum levels of negotiation and after fierce repression ruled on December 14 to approve the pension reform in question.

The unstable economic equilibrium imposed certain conditions on the political life of several officials from Cambis. Weekly crises have had in the best team of the past 50 years numerous shapes of change.

The economic crisis is no longer hereditary, but hystericalThis model was created on the basis of private investment and openness, which, however, attempted to sustain on the basis of indebtedness and public investment. Of course, things happened.

As a result, unlike what citizens chose, much of the Kambieimos administration took place in a context in which economic and social credits were exhausted, politics was livelihood.

The political pulse is the fuel that the government has tried to avoid turbulence that seems unable to land.

At this stage, the inability to take advantage of the benefits of globalization has led to change in order to accept what promised it would not happen.

Full-currency IMF agreements undermined the government's maneuver from June until now, he had in the custody of the fund a clear expression in the crude budget for 2019.

We have stayed as the last point – a success that, of course, is grateful. From an organizational point of view, there is no doubt that the G20 summit was not insufficient. Now you understand this Argentina is a country, not an organizer of events, our demands lead to some caution in the assessment of foreign policy.

Beyond the symbolic and projected image, something that, in the context of a crisis, does not give more meaning, Foreign policy can not be understood as the legacy of change.

The truth is that after three years of government, although there are repercussions of resistance expressed outside traditional representations, the government looks confident on the political front, its political front.

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