Friday , May 7 2021

6 reasons why you need to wash new clothes before releasing them

Most people release new clothes without washing them before they know that this may be harmful to their health.

Wash it clothing before releasing it is essential because the clothes go through many hands and materials from the moment they are created until they reach our hands. We do not know how many people have tried these clothes and are probably full of germs and even can transmit some illnesses.

Menstrual Break in clothing
The clothes we just bought can contain chemicals and even menstrual debris, according to a study conducted by Philip Tyrno, director of microbiology at the Medical School at the University of New York.

They can last for months
Animals can live in clothes for months. So, if you were ill and you went shopping shortly after you recovered, you can pass it on to the clothes you touch or try the microbes that still accumulate in your body, which will cause you to infect another person .

In the production and manufacturing process of clothing and the tissues that make it, chemicals are used. Cotton is sprayed with pesticides in the field and then mixed with synthetic fibers used in clothes such as polyester or nylon, which consist of chemicals. In order to remove all these toxic components, it is necessary to wash the clothes.

More color or pattern
The consumer and consumer organization defends that stamped or colored clothing has a higher risk of containing harmful substances. This can be harmful for those who have sensitive skin or are allergic.

Deathly feminine underwear
All women should wash their underwear before using it. In many cases, chest abnormalities have been found in several patients produced by an unknown virus, which quickly responds very aggressively.

Animal excrement
Garments stored in boxes or bags in stores or factories are exposed to excrements of animal excrement, so the risk of transmission is even greater.

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