Friday , September 24 2021

7 foods that look healthy but can destroy them

To avoid problems when trying to achieve your weight loss goals with a diet, it is best to avoid packed products and prepare them yourself.

Poor choice of food is the main cause of the alarming increase in the frequency of overweight and obese people.

Though thousands of warnings about eating habits have been made, many still ignore the damage caused by choosing unhealthy foods.

Most worrying is that in search of better nutrition, some are misled by apparently healthy foods and products.

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While many people contribute to saving calories in normal versions, the ad they sell sells them makes them think they are the best options for weight loss.

The truth is that your usual consumption may become an obstacle to diet, especially when parts are not measured by the simple fact of having a "light" label.

1. Multi-colored bread


On the market you can find several milk bread presentations with labels that show that they are very healthy.

Reading the ingredients, however, we found this to be the case They are not always made with healthy cereals.

In fact, a large percentage of those distributing on the market have among their ingredients refined flour, which has undergone processes in which it loses much of its nutritional properties.

Therefore, when choosing this product, it is ideal Make sure they are made with whole grains rich in protein and fiber.

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2. Salad dressings

When it comes to weight loss, salads are excellent supplements for healthy eating, satisfying and rich in essential nutrients.

The problem is that we want to accompany them with bandages that, in general, They are full of fat and unhealthy supplements.

Although many presentations come with "light" or "low-fat" labels, this does not usually reduce the amount of sugars, preservatives and other artificial chemicals.

3. Grain bars

orange strips

Energy grain bars have become one of the most consumed snacks among those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle.

However, far from being ideal for weight loss, they are a food that It can prevent the results of the diet.

This is due to the content of high-quality fructose corn syrup and refined sugar, which, absorbed regularly, affects the health of metabolism.

On the other hand, many are made with fat and artificial ingredients that increase the number of calories for serving.

4. Granola

The granola has become the snack of millions of people who are trying to lose a few pounds through their diet.

Although it is a product that contains healthy ingredients, it is not always the best option to lose weight.

Although it is made with oats, nuts and other low-calorie foods, many presentations They have added sugars and fats that are not completely healthy.

5. Fruit juice packaged

Non-carbonated beverages

Fruit juices are generally considered healthy only by watching them, given that their origin is vegetable and probably they are a source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

What many people do not think is this the presentations they sell on the market are of poor nutritional quality and they are filled with artificial supplements that can affect health.

Even, many times, they have no part of the fruit, They are sugar water with artificial flavors.

In addition, they do not have fiber and other nutrients provided by natural juices made at home.

6. Vegetable oils

Mistakenly many people believe that vegetable oils are healthy just because they come from vegetables.

However, it is important to know that not everybody is good and in fact most of the sales that are sold on the market are harmful fats that affect the weight and cardiovascular health.

For that reason it is recommended to consume natural oils with extremely virgin taste, such as those of:

  • Oliva.
  • Coco.
  • Grape seed
  • sunflower
  • Flax seed.

7. Canned soup

Tomato soup

Many people who want to lose weight and volume, resort to soups as a method of controlling the number of calories and do not feel hungry later.

The problem arises when canned soups are consumed instead of homemade, as they do not have the same nutritional quality.

Although many of their containers ensure that 100% natural ingredients are produced, they usually include preservatives and unhealthy oils.

Do you consume these foods regularly? If so, try to exclude them from your diet so that they do not affect your goal of losing weight.


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