Sunday , June 20 2021

A 20-year-old girl got a piercing on her nose and finished the paraplegic

a young Brazilian for 20 years was left paraplegia after put a piercing in the nose. What looked like a simple piercing led to severe leg pain as it lost the sensation of almost all of his body.

The main character of this dramatic story is Laayne Diaz (20) who has undergone a bacterial infection. In July last year the girl was attacked by Staphylococcus aureus, which transmits diseases through the blood.

Layane explained in the Globo chain that in the last perforation his nose was too bloodful, so the man who performed the work had done a quick cure before putting the ring in that area. "I did not matter, I thought it was a muscular thingI took medicine, but the pain was still there, intense. The pain continued the next day, even stronger, "Laayne admitted, who had to interrupt the traineeship in a few days.

"The doctor asked if I had a wound in my nose or something, because, as he explained to me, this bacterium is usually generated in the pits, and then I told him I had pierced my nose," he explained. Then she was subjected to resonance that reflected it 500 milliliters of pus between three vertebrae that pressed his spinal cord. By then Layane was no longer aware of his legs.

Surgical intervention is critical to stopping progression of paraplegia. Pungus may have caused an infection that can kill her. When the fluid is removed, the bone marrow is decompressed and the patient's card improves"explained the surgeon who saved the Brazilian.

Layane was hospitalized for two months. Although he was initially depressed by the news of the inability to walk, he met with other people who used wheelchairs and learned to play basketball and handball.

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