Sunday , July 25 2021

A 38-year-old woman has died from tuberculosis and is the second fatal victim in Quilmes

Kilmes Municipality sources confirmed death and indicated that a group of schoolchildren 43 is under medical supervision as a preventative measure against possible infectionsThis is the second death in town this week.

The Epidemiology Directorate of the Quilmes Ministry of Health issued on Wednesday a a statement in which they deny the relationship between the death of a woman, now known as that of a young man at the age of 18, a pupil of the 5th year of a school in Ezpeleta, who was hospitalized with a diagnosis of tuberculosis in .tv MUNIS Hospital in Buenos Aires and died of an infection on Monday, April 15th.

"There is no epidemiological link between the cases. The affected people do not live in the same area and have no connection with the educational community– says the short report

According to the municipality's health service, a doctor and San Francisco Solano's San Francisco healthcare team have contacted the woman in his address because she has failed the medical appointments she was assigned to treat, and she refused to be hospitalized,

The woman finally agreed to be transferred to the same ambulance to be admitted to the hospital. Hospital Isidoro IriarteThere, they are expanding from Quilmeno municipality – they receive "the necessary auxiliary and therapeutic measures, although they die".

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