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A five-month-old baby survived the abortion committed by a raped girl

Doctors gave the abortion to a girl who was raped, but the baby survived for several hours. It was a 5-month pregnancy.

It was held at the Delicia Concepción Masvernat Hospital in Concordia, Entre Ríos Province. Doctors practiced abortion of a minor who was raped, and the baby survived for several hours. I was five months pregnant.

Following this fact one of the doctors who participated in abortion He expressed his position on this issue and gave an account of what had happened: "Here in the hospital we have a mixture of feelings, between surprises, disturbed, and upset. Most of the Youth Campus will present or have already presented the bona fide objection, which is the sworn, personal statement of each of us, and that the law allows us to imagine that we are exempt from committing an abortion"The gynecologist and midwife Fernando Rivas said.

And he explained what happened in the controversial case abortion done to the teenager: "This is not an abortion; it is an immature delivery that is much more serious because it's pregnancy for more than 20 weeks and a midwife, after 20 weeks is an immature dose".

Then, a fragment of the interview made to a doctor in the radio "Oid Mortales":

– At the moment of interruption,how many weeks of pregnancy have been?
– We had a diagnosis made by the doctor on an ultrasound call approximately 20-22 weeks. Ultrasounds and related studies have been requested, but the patient refuses to do so. In short, it was confirmed when technical expulsion occurred, this fruit.

-What is confirmed?
-Gestational age of 22 weeks. They are pregnant for 5 months.

– I knew I could to be born alivewith vital signs?
"Yes, of course, if it was a normal pregnancy.

On the other hand, he expressed his reservations about the operation of the abortion protocol, arguing that it is not entirely clear how it works and that many doctors do not know how to behave in this regard.

"The staff, as doctors and nurses in the hospital, were a little busy and a little submissive to ignorance. I do my culpa by our doctors for ignorance new protocol that the Provincial Ministry of Health has joined the national level.

The girl arrives from Guardia and enters the pediatric office for an obvious abdominal mass. A pregnancy is suspected, the diagnosis confirmed and confirmed. Then the family member asks abortion, which is refused here in the first place. At no time did we have a confirmed report of a suspected violation, which we later learned we did not need", The doctor is analyzing in this respect.

Also, the Concordia diocese issued a statement after hearing this case: "We know with great pain the case that happened in a public hospital in the city of Concordia and who got a public status with a journalistic journal in a digital environment, an abortion committed in a juvenile during the fifth month of pregnancy, a court order. The baby was born alive and struggled for a few hours to continue living, until his heart stopped winning.

Before that we express:

no individual right it can justify the elimination of human life from which it can not be protected. When a woman is pregnant, we are not talking about one life, but about two, about mother and about her son or daughter in pregnancy. Both must be preserved and respected. The right to life is the basic human right. No "protocol" of action can change the content of the national constitution insofar as it protects the human person from conception, nor does his right to life guaranteed by the national constitution and the international treaties included in our Constitution with a constitutional hierarchy.

We refer to Resolution 2883 of 29 August 2017 of the Provincial Ministry of Health, whereby the provincial government adopted the Protocol on Comprehensive Care for Persons legal interruption of pregnancy"(ILE) prepared by the Ministry of Health of the Nation during the previous administration, and not removed by the current government.

The constitution of the province Entre Rios in its art. 16 states: "The province recognizes and guarantees to the people right to life and, in general, from conception to worthy death. No one can be deprived of it arbitrarily. "This fundamental right can not be changed by regulation in a lower order.

That is why we understand that the competent provincial authorities must issue a resolution that repeals the previous one. We are doing the words of Pope Francis, who are inviting us to look at all of the smallest:Protection of innocents that he is not born … must be clear, firm and passionate, because the dignity of human life, always sacred, is required and required by the love of every person beyond their development "(Gaudete et Exsultate, 101)".

Source: El Vey.

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