Monday , November 30 2020

A man dies while practicing in the gym of a 5-star hotel

A person of 37 years he dies while exercising in the sports hall of Alehandro I, five-star hotel, in Salta, according to the police sources he consulted,

Death occurred last Friday at 20:19 when officers were warned by a call from the hospital in San Bernardo. From there they noticed that Patricio Bixourt had entered the health center without vital signsDespite the help of the doctor on duty, they could not revive him.

According to police data, one of the witnesses said that Bixter was doing gymnastics when he was feeling bad and He decompensated.

The man who died with his wife. (Photo: Facebook)
The man who died with his wife. (Photo: Facebook)

Faced with this, the number 4 heavyweights prosecution service charged with Ramirez Ramos ordered an autopsy to determine the causes of death. According to the newspaper Inform Salta, The preliminary report from this study revealed that Bixquert had undergone cardiorespirational arrest.

The woman's husband, Juliet Moreno, wrote a farewell farewell to the nets: "You are proud that you are your wife, your daughter's mother and your son of heart, the good friend you know. because your heart will always be on my side".

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