Sunday , July 25 2021

A man thought he had killed his ex, and betrayed, but the woman had fainted

A murder attempt took place on Tuesday night in San Juan province when Javier Sosa, a 24-year-old man, attacked his former girlfriend, Candela Castro. The aggression was so great Sosa believed that he had effectively killed his ex, so he decided to surrender to the authorities.

However, Castro had not diedIt was fading. When he managed to return home, he managed to gather the facts. The 19-year-old explained that Sosa had asked her to be near the house where she lived with her mother, with the pretext of giving him a gift for the baby for 10 months, which they have in common,

But that was not the real reason. Once they met, Sosa began to blame him for having uploaded a picture with another boy on his social networks, He took her to an abandoned house that was nearby to try to have sex with her,

After his refusal, the man began to attack her, Castro indicated he had strangled her until she disappeared and, when unconscious, began to hit her with a stone.

Because of the power of his attacks, Sosa believed that his ex-boyfriend had died and decided to surrender to the authorities, leaving her in the abandoned house. However, the girl regained consciousness about two hours later and returned to his house to tell what had happened to his mother, which he then went to a hospital to take care of his injuries.

In statements made to local media, Castro said it was not the first time her former assassinated her. She pointed out that the attacks had not been interrupted even during her pregnancy that for some time he actively seeks to avoid him because of fear of a new attack,

He also assured that the episode would not soften his former excitement, who told him on various occasions that if he saw her with another person, he would kill herIn the meantime, Sosa was detained in the plot where she surrendered.

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