Monday , January 25 2021

A meteor shower set that illuminates the sky

GO your eyes to the sky, as one of the most remarkable meteor showers of the year is set to illuminate the sky.

Going out of the constellation "Gemini" (hence the name), the spirit of the meteorites "Gemini" occurs at a similar time every year when the Earth passes through the tail or a cloud of asteroid debris that is unusual from the comet's tail.

James Daikopoulos, a physics teacher at James Cook University, said the path of asteroid or comet debris was similar to a cloud of dust leaking from a car that runs through a dirt road.

"Earth circles around the Sun and every year at that time the Earth passes through the dusty cloud, which is essentially the tail of the asteroid," he said

"We are close to a new moon and the shower is just before the moon reaches its first quarter, which is fine because meteors are not necessarily the brightest things around, so you do not want a big bright moon, a gloomy sky."

Mr Daicopoulos said that when it comes to optimal viewing time, this is a little "knowledge of the game".

"You never know what part of the cloud or debris the earth is going through, so the best way to see the meteor shower is just to get out and look up.

"The janitors will be fast – they will be in the sky for a few seconds, you never know what will happen in a given year, but you can usually see everything from one to three times per minute."

"There may be a huge fireball that night or maybe not – but you will not see it if you do not watch the sky," he said.


WHAT: Jammini Meteor shower

When: Friday, December 14th

Where: in the world! The best viewing for Qld is at 10.30 am.

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