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a new patent appears after the ARA Project is closed

For many years, we have already heard about Project Ara for the first time, known modular phone that Google came to show in the form of prototypes and that it promised to change the concept we had for smartphones. To the disappointment of many, the problems that arose during his development and the lack of consumer interest in similar ideas like LG G5 or Fonkcraft made Google quit the project.

However, the company's interest in modular handsets is something that comes from a distance and seems to be over. At a minimum, this is derived from a a patent filed by Google last year and published by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) a few days ago.

Three device components

Google Module

The news for this new patent came after last January, Italian media published another Google patent called "Modular Electronic Device" that showed a phone like Project Ara with Plug & Play system for connecting and disconnecting modules and some positions for some of them (for example, bottom battery and top camera, for example).

Google Patent 02

Now, the patent we have just learned, and which is called "Modular Device and Related Methods," describes, with the help of images, working on a modular mobile deviceIn the documentation appear three components of the phone, very similar to Motorola Moto Mods:

  • on body or body of the phone smart with screen, processor, sensors, batteries and other electronic components.

  • on additional modules which are paired with: secondary display, RAM, camera, joystick for games and speakers, "which can emit enough decibels to satisfy even the most extreme rockers," as described in the documentation.

  • A third component whose purpose is Keep the body and the modules assembled,

Google Patent 03

As described in the patent, the body of the device itself may be different forms and materialsIt can even have a robust design that meets the needs of those working outdoors.

Google Patent

Remember, we are talking only about a patent, so everything described in this kind of documentation does not necessarily have to be a reality. But it is clear that two patents on modular devices presented by Google for a short time They assume that Mountain View has returned to resume interest in a concept abandoned after leaving Project Ara.

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