Thursday , June 17 2021

A signal in Chacabuco for a possible case of hantavirus • Diario Democracia

They called on the media to offer a press conference on the occasion of the a possible case of hantavirus in Rawson.

The young man is 20 years old, lives in Rawson and suffers from a very delicate picture that makes us suspect the presence of the virus: he is diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia with pleural effusionclassical symptoms of hantaviruses and other diseases such as influenza.

The director of Bromatology participated in the press conference, Rosana Navonne, Secretary of the Government, Ignacio Orsini, Minister of Health, Julián Serritellaand the Health Director, Yesica Berterame, There they explained this "the picture focuses strongly on the diagnosis of hantavirus"And this" started at Rawson weekend when the patient was consulted about the fever: it was scheduled the next day and the doctor had prescribed symptomatic treatment, the person returned to consult with 40 degrees, then the temperature had fallen but the patient was reversed body aches and asthenia, so it is from Chacabuco, where lab tests and images are made, "he explained in detail. Berterame,

The case was referred to Chakabuco on Tuesday evening and when the results were received, at that moment it was suspected: "At the municipal hospital she was isolated in a common room, called epidemiology, and hence from emergency medical care, in a hospital bed in infectious diseases of Mounis, where they took him with an ambulance.

At this time the young person is in intensive care and another medical unit is expected. Meanwhile, quaint Viktor Ayola communicates with the Minister of Health, and the municipal hospital has the measures in place. Julián Serritella reported that "room 29 has been prepared and isolated in case a case is discovered".


Gustavo Mashi, Coordinator of the Centers for Primary Health Care (CAPS), made this clear not all mice transmit the disease, but those of a particular species. "The mouse is sick, infected with the virus and long in the secretions, saliva, urine and faeces," he explained.

By inhalation or by direct contact with the presence of rodent residues, humans can infect the virus and therefore produce a potentially complex and serious disease.


Very high temperature (38 degrees or more) respiratory symptoms of overload, cough, severe muscle pain and headache. "This is not the same as a common flu," says Maskis, who mentioned that the doctor should be consulted in front of this type of symptom.


– Extremely measure the hygiene in our homes with bleach.

-Close the places where the rodent can enter, especially at night.

– Keep the forests 30 meters from where we are.

– Ventilate closed areas, do not quench, do not spray with water and use anus.

– Important: If there is a dead mouse, do not touch. Spray with bleach and wait for 30 minutes. Take gloves, bury (more than 30 cm) or burn.

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