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A street assault, a final suspect, and questions that need to be clarified

On the one hand, the Cordova police state that this is a street attack that ends with the victim's beating, followed by shooting, and it all ends with a suspect shot in the head. On the other hand, various social organizations in the neighborhood have been charged with the police; it is said that there is a "back-down"; It should be noted that the deceased was a cavern that had nothing to do with a "easy trigger mechanism" denounced.

Meanwhile, justice. The prosecutor stated that there had been an attack and that, in principle, police action would be involved in legitimate action. This is nothing illegal.

In any case, the court clerk expects different expert opinions, the autopsy, and the statements of independent witnesses to complete the clarification of all the questions that arise and arise in the middle of this story outlined in the uncertainty in Cordoba.

The puzzles began to be dragged yesterday morning after the death of Marcos Jesus Soria (33), for whom the police accused of being one of the two criminals who had violently attacked a neighbor in Obispo Angelelli District 2, on the outskirts south of Cordoba.

Soria dropped off a 9-millimeter pistol that hit him in the head at the back.

And the officer who completed it and his partner – both of the rural patrol – were released yesterday and there was no charge against him.

Soria's death led to some skirmishes, several hours later, among some young people and police officers in the same neighborhood. There were insults and stones against uniforms from numerous people who insisted they were facing a "new case of police surplus".

With Soria's death, all this, add 10 suspects in the theft, reached so far this year in the province of Cordoba. The majority fell off police bullets.

Evolution of the case follows with extreme caution from the provincial government. First, because they protect police action. Secondly, the accusations of social organizations.

Soria is a member of the Confederation of Workers in the National Economy (CTEP), the same organization in which Rodolfo Orelana participates, who a few days ago fell into a battle between neighbors and the police in La Matanzas, Buenos Aires to take the land.

In the Cordoba government, they fear that the case of the Angelelli district may be politicized.

And what happened?

According to the judicial and police investigations on Monday, little more than 6.30 am, when at least two offenders (walking) attacked a person waiting for the bus near the top of the transport company Ersa, at the 27th Block of Angels.

Always according to the official version, the victim (a 53-year-old neighbor) resists robbery and ends up with hits and cuts in his hands.

Apparently the thieves fled and the victim was able to warn of what had happened to the subordinate officer who kept the dispensary.

These money, in turn, warned a mobile phone from the rural patrol traveling in the sector. Officially, the police duo goes looking for the criminals and has found two suspects a few blocks away.

"These men split up and started to work in different directions, one of the police, the boss of the car, managed to control one of them and get involved in the strikes, then run away, take out a gun and share photos," he said senior police source.

The cop made at least two shots with his gun.

According to the spokesperson, the suspect is Marcos Soria, who was finally shot and killed.

"The other suspect was captured a few meters," said the force informer.

The detainee was identified as Miguel Ocampo, 45 years old.

The revolver is confiscated in the operating room.

A revolver was seized during the procedure.

Police point out that the victim of the attack (the neighbor) had to receive medical help because of some blows and cuts they had received in the attack.

Ocampo, the arrested suspect, was accused by Dalmax prosecutor as an alleged author of a "robbery" on the use of weapons.

"I was not a thief"

"He was not a criminal. This is not what they say. They shot him, "insisted yesterday Louisa Gomez's mother, while insisting on justice.

From Steppe they stressed that Soria is a car driver who has not committed a crime and who works in support of her partner Andrea and her two young children at age 1 and age 4. – She's also working in the garden. He was a good boy. He returned from one party and the police stopped him for nothing, hit him a lot, managed to escape, and hid in the coffin. They stopped him again and said: "I had escaped! I had escaped!" When he ran, they murdered him in the back, "said Maria, a neighbor and a member of the same social organization.

The police insist that Marcos Soria is one of the thieves who attacked a neighbor and faced the uniforms. By force, they have indicated that the man has a criminal record, as alleged murder over a robbery in the last decade.

The Dalmax Prosecutor's Office emphasized that the street attack on a neighbor was confirmed and that, in principle, no "surplus" elements emerge. "So far, we have a murder with a legal police defense. But they remain experts, they pointed out at the prosecutor's office.

The profile of the accused who died of a bullet

Marcos Jesus Soria had returned 33 years ago. He was the father of a boy and a girl of 4 and 1 year, respectively. He lives in the Obispo Angleley neighborhood. According to his family, he lived like a cavern. Police show that they had a history of theft and even murder.

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