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A woman with hantavirus symptoms escapes from the hospital before they can isolate her – 01/21/2019

A woman escaped from the Olivia Caleta Area Hospital in Santa Cruz where the professionals are preparing to isolate her because she is accepted with all the symptoms of hantavirus. According to the data collected, the woman has entered the hospital with the first symptoms of a hantavirus similar to a flu-like condition: fever, muscle aches, chills, headaches, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain.

After seeing the symptoms, the doctors decided to isolate her, as stated in the protocol, although within a few minutes they noticed that the woman had left the hospital. It is not yet known whether the Zonal Hospital will try to trace the location of the woman who could have infected the hanta virus, which has already taken 11 lives because of the outbreak in Epuyén.

Respiratory isolation is one of the ways doctors have discovered to prevent the spread of the virus. That is why it is done as soon as the symptoms of the Hanta appear. In this case, although the presence of the virus that infects the rodent long-nosed, the doctors decided to isolate the woman and continue with the analysis.

The Hantavirus came into force on December 3, when a 14-year-old underwent a party. A peasant worker who was infected during the cleaning of a shed in the city of Ebuyen in Chubut attended this party. A chain of infections began, causing 11 deaths.

At that time there are about 80 isolated people in this area. The epidemic has occurred as a result of a possible mutation of the virus: it is now spreading from person to person, making it more dangerous. However, this hypothesis is not confirmed at one hundred percent, as the results of the analysis are being conducted at the Malbran Institute.

Hantavirus cases also occur in the province of Buenos Aires and in the northern part of the country, although the strain of the virus is not the same and does not act so aggressively. In any case, he has raised the signal from the national health authorities.

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