Monday , June 14 2021

Activision Blizzard to Shot 8% of its Workers Despite Achieving Recorded Financial Results –

We get bad news related to Activision BlizzardApparently the company plans to cut many workers.

This attracted particular attention, as in the latest presentation of the financial results of the company, CEO Activision, Bobby Kothik, confirmed that the company achieved record results in 2018. This shows that last year was the best for the history of the company.

It seems, however, that Activision Blizzard's firings have already been confirmed. Kothic said at the meeting that the company "is not aware of its full potential" and for that reason they will cut 8% of their staffThis means that about 800 employees, mainly from the publishing and sports sector, will lose their jobs.

This decision is heavily criticized for having achieved good results and has awarded $ 15 million in prize money to its new CFO. With other media, this strategy has been compared the one that took Nintendo in a staff management situation in 2014. The truth is that the strategies of these two companies are completely different because the then president Sato Yata the remuneration was reduced voluntarily by 50% and the members of the directive between a 20% and 30% in order not to have to fire anyone and under the condition that "the employee is first".

"If we reduce the number of employees to achieve better short-term financial performance, employee morale will decrease and I sincerely doubt that employees who are afraid to be laid off can develop software titles to impress people all over world, "he said. John in his time. As you can see, decisions are radically opposed.

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